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Privileg Documentary - Henri Vogel

Short Description

"Privileg" tells the story of how a gender transition feels. If you know a trans person, you only know one person, not the entire community. What difficulties do they deal with? What do others think about this person? How does their partner feel? Does society accept them? What role does religion play? Are there individuals or official bodies who provide support to trans persons? Are there specific laws to protect them? How does the coming-out process work in reality? These are just a few examples...

Privileg Documentary - Henri Vogel


While exposing his own problems, Henri gives an insight into further struggles that the LGBTQIA+ community goes through on a daily basis. Human rights in terms of love, identity, professional development and religious beliefs come to light and are questioned. Coming to terms with who you are is one thing, integrating with the wider community is another. Henri opens up his heart and shows us the true meaning of self-discovery, what it took to tell the people who know him best about who he truly is. It remains dangerous to reveal yourself in a world that is set in its ways. While this may come as an alien topic to many people, it is a raw reality that a big part of society lives through - or in many cases doesn’t get the privilege to do. 

Privileg Documentary - Henri Vogel

Log Line

Privileg Documentary - Ali Ashoori

Henri unravels the infrastructure of the LGBTQIA+ Community as we take a stroll through his daily life and get a grasp of what it truly means being different while trying to live an honest life in a world ruled by politics and religion.

Director's Note

The LGBTQIA+ community becomes more visible every day, and society should accept them as a part of itself; so too should politics and religion. Every day I see my friends from this community face many problems and discriminations from these three important parts of life: politics, religion, society. 

I owe it to my friends to show the whole world that they exist and that they have the same rights in life as others!

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